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Mermaids Don't Enjoy Swimming in Plastic

It's Biodegradeable!

Mermaid Dust is plant based and made from eucalyptus.

Image by Akshay Chauhan

Mermaids and Mermen Love it!

Mermaid Dust is for everyone! Anyone that loves glitter but also cares about the environment. Because glitter makes everything better!

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Comes in Every Color You Can Dream of

What ever your glitter inspiration, you can achieve it with Mermaid Dust biodegradeable glitter. Mermaid Dust comes in many different colors for all your mermaid dreams.

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It's Safer for Ocean Life

Because it is biodegradeable it breaks down faster than typical plastic based glitter it doesn't become a microplastic that can be ingested by marine life.

Image by Kris Mikael Krister

It is Cosmetic Glitter and is Safe for Face, Body, Hair and Nails

Eco Glitter is safe and non toxic. It is safer to use on your skin, hair and nails that traditional plastic based glitter products.

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Be an Eco Friendly Mermaid

You can be a glittery, shiny mermaid while also being a beautiful human being that cares about the planet.

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